Claudia Paiella


Born and raised in Rome, I am the 3rd of 3 sisters, 1 mum, 4 aunties and 2 nieces. In my family, the female side has never been shy.
My dad runs one of the oldest wine shops and restaurant in Rome so making my own professional path in food and wine a natural choice.
I spent 5 years in one of the most famous hotel and catering colleges in Italy and after college, I studied wine with the National Sommelier Association to make sure dad would have a few respectable bottles in the shop. Moving up I attended Wine Master School, which was one of my life’s highlights, until my older sister move to Australia, where she opened a very stylish Italian bistro.
I took the chance to gain some experience abroad and lived in Sydney for 2 years working for the biggest fine food importing company. My job involved traveling around the world looking for luxury products to import like truffles, fresh mushrooms, caviar, selected wines and other food delicacies.
Now, I’m back home and I feel like I need to connect all the points as Steve Jobs said in his famous speech at Stanford University. I love wine because I was born in a wine shop; I love food because I’m an excellent cook and even better eater; I love hosting as my entire life is about welcoming people.

And… Here I am connecting all my points to give all my passion to the project of my life!